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What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki adapts to your individual needs, so the benefits are limitless. Although finding a “cure” is ideal, healing is a process that occurs at many different levels and is constantly evolving. The mind, body, and spirit all work in unison to facilitate healing, so we must cater to all these realms of our being. Healing can also mean acceptance. Accepting symptoms of a condition may be the path of least resistance for some of us. Making peace with our reality creates a less stressful environment, a higher energetic vibration in which healing can more intuitively take place. The difficult element in this

work is letting go of control and allowing the surrender to transform from FEAR to LIBERATION. Healing is liberation from our symptoms. Here are some ways Reiki has been shown to benefit our healing process:

  • Healing on a Physical Level: ​Reiki can help alleviate or limit physical symptoms as the energy supports us in letting go of pain and raising our tolerance of pain. Reiki has been known to lower blood pressure as it promotes relaxation, increase mobility in areas of pain, reduce inflammation and infections, relieve pain from migraines, sciatica and arthritis, but the list goes on.
  • Healing on an Emotional Level: ​Inviting Reiki into the healing process rebalances the emotional Self. Reiki calms fears and helps the recipient reach acceptance for their situation and come to terms with loss, bereavement, and/or loneliness. Reiki allows the comfortable ​release​ of emotions that no longer serve the recipient such as anger, resentment, and jealousy. My job in facilitating the Reiki treatment is to hold the space for you to embrace all emotions of the human experience and utilize them in discovering your path to emotional health and stability. Emotions that surface during Reiki or throughout your experience receiving Reiki treatments are coming up for a reason. After all, “emotion” is energy-in-motion. Allow Reiki healing to support you in moving that energy, expressing your emotions, releasing the burdens of pain and fear.
  • Healing on a Psychological/Mental Level: ​Reiki can aid in shifting your perspective on your health, your healing journey, your ego, your relationships, and your life path. The energy is supportive in creating new neural pathways that support relaxation and mental stability regardless of what is happening around us in our daily lives. Reiki can help us gain serenity accepting the things we cannot change about our situation, and instead focus on changing what we can, which is our own perception and processing. Reiki frees the mind from identifying with every experience, thought or emotion that floats through our consciousness. Instead, we learn to be an observer of our own mind.
  • Healing on a Spiritual Level: ​On a Soul-Level, Reiki connects us the Higher Self; the version of our us that operates in perfect health and pure bliss. Reiki illuminates our limitless connection with a power greater than ourselves; whether you call that source by a label or not, it is important to acknowledge there are greater forces guiding and supporting you through a healing journey. By connecting to source, however you define that power, the willingness to let go of old paradigms and inhibiting beliefs is suddenly present. That willingness to surrender is a direct result of knowing all things happen Reiki helps the recipient develop a stronger loving-kindness practice toward themselves and those around them. This sense of compassion opens the Heart Chakra to higher healing.
How do I know if Reiki is right for me?

Reiki can help any type of patient and adapts to the recipient’s individual healing needs. The universal life force energy intuitively works with YOU. Reiki helps with stress, anxiety, pain, resentment, trauma, and reconnecting with our purpose in life which can help depressed patients find a new wave of motivation in their healing journey.

Will Reiki interfere with other therapies or healing modalities I am doing right now?

No, there are no contraindications. Reiki can do no harm because it only accelerates the healing work that is already occurring naturally within.

How does it work?

The Reiki Master uses hands-on therapeutic touch to facilitate the treatment on different areas of the physical body and different energy centers within the recipient. It is not a massage, but the recipient lays on a massage table for the duration of the treatment and is only responsible for relaxing and letting go, much like the massage/spa experience. Kelsey utilizes aromatherapy, crystal healing, and sound healing into her sessions as well to amplify the recipient’s experience.

How much is a private individual Reiki session?

1 for $85 ​OR​ 4 treatments for $260.

1 treatment rate is $85, however it is recommended to have more than one treatment to grow your personal relationship with Reiki over time. Multiple treatments can help us re-connect deeper with that intuitive healing ability we all naturally possess.

The package option is $260 for 4 Reiki Treatments, paid in full at or before the first treatment, at a reduced rate of $65 each. With this option you can spread out the 4 treatments however it is convenient for you. Once a week or every other week is common.

What do I wear to a session?

Whatever is comfortable and be sure you can remove your shoes for Reiki on the feet. Your only job as the recipient is to get yourself as comfortable as possible, surrender to the present moment, and breathe.

What is a Reiki treatment going to feel like?

Relaxing and revitalizing. Awakening. Comforting. Calming. Each person’s experience with Reiki is unique and individual to their healing journey. Experiencing it for yourself is the best way to answer that question.


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