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Many people suffering from chronic mental health conditions fail to get relief from their symptoms with traditional treatments. At Arjun Reyes MD and Associates in Moorpark, California, Arjun Reyes, MD, offers many innovative therapies to treat mental health conditions, including ketamine. Dr. Reyes offers Spravato® (esketamine) treatments. To learn more about ketamine and how it may help alleviate your mental health symptoms, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Spravato Esketamine Specialist Q & A

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic that blocks certain receptors in the brain. It’s primarily used as a general anesthetic to induce and maintain sedation during surgical procedures; it also blocks pain sensations and short-term memory functions.

Doctors also use low-dose ketamine to treat chronic mental health conditions like:

  • Depression

The medication provides rapid relief from symptoms and helps those who fail to respond to traditional psychiatric treatments.

What are the types of ketamine?

For mental health conditions, Arjun Reyes MD and Associates uses Spravato. 

Spravato is a prescription nasal spray FDA-approved for helping those who suffer from treatment-resistant depression or major depressive disorder with suicidal thoughts or actions. Arjun Reyes MD and Associates provide Spravato treatment at the office. 

Am I a candidate for ketamine?

If you suffer from depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder and traditional treatments fail to alleviate your symptoms, you may be a candidate for ketamine therapy at Arjun Reyes MD and Associates. 

When you come in for an evaluation, Dr. Reyes conducts a comprehensive assessment to fully understand your mental health condition and symptoms. He only recommends ketamine therapy for patients who fail to get relief from their symptoms with traditional treatments.

Additionally, you must continue to take your prescribed medication and participate in the recommended therapy while undergoing ketamine treatment. 

What can I expect during treatment with ketamine?

The specifics of your ketamine therapy at Arjun Reyes MD and Associates may depend on your diagnosis and the type of ketamine prescribed. However, Dr. Reyes administers Spravato at the office.

For this treatment, you must remain at the office for a set period of time following your treatment so your provider can monitor for side effects. Additionally, you need to arrange to have someone drive you home after your ketamine treatment.

With Spravato, Dr. Reyes recommends two treatments a week for the first month and then one treatment a week during the second month. 

To see how ketamine may help improve your mental health condition, call Arjun Reyes MD and Associates, or book an appointment online today.